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DX de IT9VDQ14035.0 UA1ACQCWUA 0946Z
DX de F4FFN14003.0 VK9DXOC 005VK9N 0946Z
DX de IZ8ESK7180.0 IT9CBSmonti sicaniI 0945Z
DX de IT9HRL7180.0 IT9CBSMONTI SICANI Jolly 2 puntiI 0945Z
DX de CT4BSA28480.0 IU2IDUnow calling here CQ DXI 0945Z
DX de F4CIM28490.0 VK4BOBCCC VK4*VK 0945Z
DX de PY4OY14074.0 BI3NIAFT8 -12dB from OM78 1360HzBY 0945Z
DX de IW2OEF14225.0 II9WRTC73I 0945Z
DX de LU6DOT18071.0 FK8IKtnx 73 HNY 1upFK 0945Z
DX de IT9VDQ14035.1 RW4PPCWUA 0945Z
DX de MM7WPC14138.5 F4IQVCalling CQF 0945Z
DX de EA5IKT7080.0 EC2UVEFBI-096 esta soloEA 0945Z
DX de G4ZOY14003.0 VK9DXUP means DLs tooVK9N 0944Z
DX de EA5GJ28074.0 UA3IAGFT8 -19dB from KO77 1374HzUA 0944Z
DX de SP2HFH14024.1 II3WRTC I 0944Z
DX de LU6YR7074.0 JO6SNHFT8 db-13 from FF51 1965 Hz TNJA 0944Z
DX de DH3KM14225.0 II9WRTCses cqI 0944Z
DX de HA8BQ14070.0 ON6WT ON 0944Z
DX de ON3DPA7136.0 ON75LLVOP:Maurice ON7MHON 0944Z
DX de ON3MOD7090.0 IT9HRLMonti SICANII 0943Z
DX de F4UJU28074.0 ZS4GJAFT8 -13dB from KG33 1114HzZS 0943Z
DX de G7BXU28481.0 G8DXcq dxG 0943Z
DX de ON4AHQ3531.0 ON75RSTSESON 0943Z
DX de IT9HTV28074.0 JT1COband open many tnxJT 0943Z
DX de PY4OY14074.0 3D2MPFT8 -11dB from RH91 887Hz3D2 0943Z


WWV de VA6AAA<0900Z> SFI=116,A=19,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=116,A=19,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0300Z> SFI=116,A=19,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de W0MET<0326Z> Special event station Kentucky tornado
To ALL de W3GQ<1438Z> Round up - DX stations send serial number
To ALL de WA9PIE<1442Z> Now is a good time to complete your annual DXCC applications

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