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DX de LA3XIA-214172.0 VP9INEU & bad behavior !VP9 1939Z
DX de W1KDA21075.2 HA1RB HA 1939Z??
DX de IK1QHB14012.0 LU9GBR LU 1939Z
DX de IW3RUA21140.0 VE3MZDFT4 EN82-JN66 +9dbVE 1939Z
DX de OZ0ZZ28074.0 LU1DXtnx qso ft8 -10db JO65<->FF94LU 1938Z
DX de EA1DQE28490.0 FY5KE FY 1938Z
DX de IK2EAE18077.0 HB0/DL5YL HB0 1938Z
DX de HA6VH14015.0 L21RCA LU 1938Z
DX de KC1MR18120.0 DJ7STGarryDL 1938ZMA
DX de EA1JW7090.0 D60ACFT8 -20dB IN73GM<>LH18PGD6 1938Z
DX de SP9KR7079.0 D60ADLeszek on FT8 - F/H modeD6 1938Z
DX de CT2HXM10136.0 SP1BBVFT8 -14dB from JO73 2200HzSP 1938Z
DX de DL4BER7155.0 HB60ANTSpecial Event Station.HB 1938Z
DX de N1MHV14226.0 VA3SDO VE 1938ZGA
DX de VE2BK18073.5 OK1DX OK 1937ZQC
DX de CT2JUT28467.0 PP5BTcqPY 1937Z
DX de W7XE14014.0 IK4ALM I 1937Z??
DX de CT2HXM10136.0 RV3LEFT8 -05dB from KO75 2264HzUA 1936Z
DX de M7SKY14080.0 KN7KTHX-73-GOOD-DXK 1936Z
DX de HA6VH7026.5 GU4YOX GU 1936Z
DX de HB9HIO7155.0 HB60ANT5/9HB 1936Z
DX de ON3TAC7155.0 HB60ANTSESHB 1936Z
DX de EA7TR14172.0 VP9IN59 73sVP9 1936Z
DX de IU0KFS/P7028.0 IT9ASDSan Michele ArcangeloI 1936Z


WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=86,A=3,K=2,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de AE5E<1500Z> SFI=86,A=3,K=1,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de W0MU<1200Z> SFI=86,A=3,K=1,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2


To ALL de KC8NTV<0427Z> 73s.. From Miamisburg Ohio..U.S.A...HOME OF DRAKE RADIO.
To ALL de K0MB-2<2205Z> 3d2cr reported to have no internet
To ALL de K0MB-7<1859Z> 30m digi-ck ur rig for SSB phone

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