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DX de F5PYJ1827.0 TO6SCQ CQ UP 1.5FG 0602Z
DX de F5PYJ-101827.0 TO6SCQ CQ UP 1, 73 CLAUDEFG 0602Z
DX de SP2DDV5357.0 S52ASFT8 -10dB from JN75 953HzS5 0601Z
DX de SP9KJM3712.0 SQ9PCOWisawy SzymborskiejSP 0601Z
DX de I5ZSS3791.0 OE6MBGcq dxOE 0601Z
DX de YV6BTF7076.0 F1TRFTnk for QSO, 73 DX??sF 0600Z
DX de DG4HAD10136.0 RA3V UA 0600Z
DX de EA5D5358.0 N3CZFT8 -10 JN00BB<>EM85K 0600Z
DX de YV6BTF7076.0 EA1IOKTnk for QSO, 73 DX?sEA 0559Z
DX de YV6BTF7076.0 EA1IOKTnk for QSO, 73 DX??sEA 0559Z
DX de ZL2AIM7006.0 LZ1QI LZ 0558Z
DX de ZL2AIM7009.0 HA8RM HA 0557Z
DX de R4LZ10136.0 Z35TFT8 -05dB from KN11 2272HzZ3 0557Z
DX de SP2DDV5357.0 EA3IAZFT8 -11dB from JN11 1606HzEA 0557Z
DX de RA3CA14074.0 ZL3CWTnx QSO 73!ZL 0557Z
DX de SM7GIB1825.0 N2KW K 0557Z
DX de EA5D5358.0 K4SVFT8 -03 JN00BB<>EM85WFK 0557Z
DX de YV6BTF7076.0 YT2ZETnk for QSO, 73 DX?sYU 0556Z
DX de YV6BTF7076.0 YT2ZETnk for QSO, 73 DX??sYU 0556Z
DX de SQ8ISS14222.0 YI1WWACq cq dx outside 59YI 0556Z
DX de RV3EFP21074.0 R0DXFT8 -1 dB 2456 HzUA9 0556Z
DX de N9EN/43518.0 ON75KTKCQ...ON 0555Z??
DX de LY7M1827.0 TO6SCQ loud up?? 0554Z
DX de ZL2AIM7024.0 UT4FB UR 0554Z


WWV de VA6AAA<0300Z> SFI=107,A=7,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0000Z> SFI=107,A=7,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<2100Z> SFI=107,A=7,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de N8DC<1609Z> 3d2usu 30 meters sends for hours no ears .
To ALL de W0MET<0326Z> Special event station Kentucky tornado
To ALL de W3GQ<1438Z> Round up - DX stations send serial number

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