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DX de IT9AQR28487.0 4L1BBCQ DX CQ SA4L 1239Z
DX de VU2DED10136.0 VK9DXTnx. new band 73VK9N 1239Z
DX de KK4ANY-714275.0 WA1TOM K 1238ZGA
DX de OH5MD28235.0 OY6BEC/BKP20NGIP62MBOY 1238Z
DX de R1AC24903.0 EB4IC EA 1238Z
DX de DL2RH28181.0 WD1LTNX QSO 73K 1237Z
DX de 2E0CNL28470.0 R1941MB UA 1237Z
DX de N1PGF28545.0 AU2JCB73VU 1237Z??
DX de IZ6PPU14074.0 IQ6KXPERMANENT WOLF AWARD www.lupo9I 1237Z
DX de WO2E28075.0 OK1HEH OK 1236Z??
DX de RK3DQE21220.0 LZ1GUtnx QSO HariLZ 1236Z
DX de DM4KM24900.5 R5CXtnx QSO 73UA 1236Z
DX de ON2BDI14285.0 HA5MIG/PWWFF HAFF-0009HA 1236Z
DX de W3LPL-328020.9 VU2GSMHeard in NHVU 1236Z??
DX de R1AC24903.0 LZ1WR LZ 1236Z
DX de NN2D28092.7 TO9W F 1235ZMA
DX de SV3IRG21068.1 DL8NBMtks dr om Horst..73 DinosDL 1235Z
DX de ON4VT28680.0 KK4WJFSSTVK 1235Z
DX de WB3LGC3573.0 W1AW/3FT8 @1764 DELAWAREK 1235Z??
DX de DL2RH28181.7 V31MATNX QSOV3 1235Z
DX de KD2WRQ28470.0 R1941MB53 usbUA 1235Z??
DX de IZ5YHD21090.0 9L5MFT8 F/H9L 1234Z
DX de W3LPL-324891.6 E72AHeard in COE7 1233Z??
DX de WO2E28075.0 IW1PRT I 1233Z??
DX de DL2HS21020.0 Z68BBCW JO31mo -> KN02Z6 1233Z


WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=182,A=7,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=182,A=7,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=182,A=7,K=2,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de F6BBO<1446Z> 1403830 : 3B9/M0CFW UP UP UP JSN 1 UP
To ALL de IW9FDD<0100Z> DXCLUSTER IW9FDD-6 Telnet://
To ALL de N9JR<2052Z> I have added him to my bad spotters list on my cluster.

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