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DX de NP3MR14080.8 NA4X K 0104Z
DX de K5ZG3863.0 W6L K 0104ZCO
DX de WB5OZA7243.0 KD4YDCpota 1042 alK 0104ZLA
DX de JJ1AYX18100.0 RT0FTNX FT8 from pm95UA9 0104Z
DX de NP3MR14080.8 K9ZFQ K 0103Z
DX de SP3DOF7074.0 PY1KBFT8 - 73 glPY 0103Z
DX de N7RD24907.0 3D2AG 3D2 0103ZAZ
DX de LY3TG14074.0 CO2RQft8CM 0102Z
DX de AG7XQ14286.0 W6TRT 66 OTAK 0102ZAZ
DX de K2OF28074.0 6E0CC XE 0102ZPA
DX de AK2B14023.3 HC5AICWHC 0102ZCA
DX de HI5MAH21000.0 HC3RJFT4 0 FI06AR<>FK48KFHC 0102Z
DX de W5INC14323.0 W6DRoute 66 Special EventK 0101Z??
DX de KO4FYC14075.2 WL1M KL 0101Z??
DX de F4UJU10136.0 KF4JHYFT8 -15dB from EM96 656HzK 0101Z
DX de K8TE14266.0 W6HRTE 66 OTA NMK 0100ZNM
DX de N5WBF24907.0 3D2AGCQ UP 1 TU3D2 0100ZNM
DX de KR6C24907.0 3D2AGQSX 24908 IOTA OC0163D2 0100ZCA
DX de W4AG7004.0 VU2GSMKantiVU 0059ZNC
DX de MM1DHU7188.0 W1W K 0058Z
DX de W5FB7026.6 I1MMRCQ DXI 0058Z??
DX de NP3MR3574.0 WY8F K 0057Z
DX de LU5BE7008.0 XQ6CF CE 0056Z
DX de KD5UYZ14243.1 W6RMOK 0056ZLA
DX de W3LPL-324907.0 3D2AGHeard in WI3D2 0056ZMD


WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=73,A=24,K=5,Minor w/G1 -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de VA6AAA<2100Z> SFI=73,A=20,K=5,Minor w/G1 -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de AE5E<1800Z> SFI=73,A=3,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de K0MB-7<1859Z> 30m digi-ck ur rig for SSB phone
To ALL de WO2C<2303Z> tu & 73, Marcus
To ALL de WJ8Y<1843Z> Booming into Ohio

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