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DX de SP7IIT7074.0 SP5AAFT8 -18dB from JO92 1227HzSP 0604Z
DX de I3PVE10136.0 N0UMFTNX QSO IN FT8 -20 dBK 0604Z
DX de DL0SX14075.9 XE1RBVTNX QSOXE 0604Z
DX de N0UMF10137.8 I3PVE I 0603ZMO
DX de UA0OK28023.5 R0LWtnx QSOUA9 0603Z
DX de UA3ARC7074.0 J88IHFT8 -17 dB 1099 HzJ8 0602Z
DX de SP7IIT7074.0 K4JJQFT8 -03dB 2948HzK 0602Z
DX de I3PVE10136.0 KC1JTSTNX QSO IN FT8 -4 dBK 0601Z
DX de UA3ARC7074.0 V31DLFT8 -19 dB 409 HzV3 0600Z
DX de JA4EPE28094.0 M0KRI6 to 9z for JAG 0559Z
DX de EA5D7075.0 N0LIDFT8 -09K 0559Z
DX de PD2WL7076.6 W1AW/4DXCC 291 WAC NA WAZ 5K 0559Z
DX de IZ4AFH7022.9 SX25GTC SV 0559Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 R1AVFT8 -3 dB 1098 HzUA 0557Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 DJ1AAFT8 -5 dB 1700 HzDL 0557Z
DX de IU8EUN14243.0 ZL2GUNcq cq low signalZL 0556Z
DX de M0KRI28094.0 9L5Mft8 mshv for Japan timing9L 0556Z
DX de EA5D7075.0 KB0NVRFT8 -05 JN00BB<>EM82CPK 0556Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 K0JEBFT8 -19 dB 782 HzK 0556Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 FK8HMFT8 -22 dB 325 HzFK 0555Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 K2OCAFT8 -17 dB 1205 HzK 0555Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 PY8WWFT8 -6 dB 1029 HzPY 0555Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 N4TLFT8 -1 dB 1097 HzK 0555Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 YV5BRBFT8 -14 dB 800 HzYV 0555Z
DX de UA3ARC10136.0 NP3DMFT8 -14 dB 1298 HzKP4 0554Z


WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=139,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de VA6AAA<0000Z> SFI=139,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=139,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> Moderate w/G2


To ALL de F6FGW-9<1519Z> VK9CY 10m phone sometimes...?? why not......?life is not just ft8 ! thanks
To ALL de F6BBO<0931Z> 28022 : lidfest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To ALL de I1APQ<1744Z> LOG 9L5M 6 M FT8 to complete..... in progress....

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