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DX de IK0OZD28017.0 EZ/DL7ZMclg cq lonelyEZ 1359Z
DX de PY2UDB28030.0 9K2MUCW9K 1359Z
DX de KI6R21287.0 9A1OSDM42NM 15m very good at th9A 1358ZCA
DX de AD8AL21142.2 DO4TS DL 1358ZOH
DX de HS0YNM24916.4 4X4DKTNX ft84X 1358Z
DX de I6DHY7045.0 I1ASU/Plast 2' rtty SV323 WCA14103I 1358Z
DX de HA8BQ14018.0 3A2LF 3A 1358Z
DX de PY2UDB28002.0 ZS6OMTCWZS 1357Z
DX de ER1PLG28074.0 PU5FLPKN46DWGG52FQ FT8PY 1357Z
DX de LU8DRH24915.5 KB8ZUNFT8 Send -21 Rcvd -19K 1357Z
DX de IZ2TXQ21074.0 BG7BDB BY 1357Z
DX de YB1HR18100.0 N7GVVFT8 -18dB from EN71K 1357Z
DX de IZ1ETD21275.5 II1ITR95 Tenda Rossa > 1356Z
DX de PA1ZT14267.0 MM0PLX/PUSB JO21hw -> IO85hrGM 1355Z
DX de F4IZV28074.0 WP2ASSFT8 JN36fi -> FK77oqKP2 1355Z
DX de VE3EP21140.0 EA3IMRFT4 +09dB from JN11EA 1355Z??
DX de YB1HR18100.0 WO7VFT8 -04dB from CN92K 1355Z
DX de EA5RCI5360.0 EA5RU/4DME-19089EA 1355Z
DX de IZ2TXQ21074.0 KK1R K 1355Z
DX de EA1FCH7048.0 EA3FNZFT4 -8 dB 1091 HzEA 1355Z
DX de G4SIE14028.0 II1ALB I 1354Z
DX de CT1DMC14290.0 HB9BTI/PSOTAHB 1354Z
DX de EA5RCI5360.0 EA5RU/4DME-19197EA 1354Z
DX de ER1PLG28074.0 YD0AWAKN46DWOI33JT FT8YB 1354Z
DX de YB1HR18100.0 KD0BQSFT8 -16dBK 1353Z


WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=154,A=4,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<0900Z> SFI=154,A=4,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=154,A=4,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de AF4MH<0340Z> Am
To ALL de AI7OW<0205Z> security?
To ALL de F4GBY<0711Z> f4gby that's why you do so much ft8 you're fresh off your license and you have too much money...seeing the equipment....but you do

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