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DX de W7BOB21074.8 JA2MAX/P JA 2357Z??
DX de W3RJW5357.0 TO9WFT8 F/HFS 2357Z??
DX de W5AJ18095.0 WY7MMcall above 1000hzK 2357Z??
DX de PU7OBR21074.0 PU2UTYFT8 -19 dB 1250 HzPY 2357Z
DX de PY2PLL28410.0 JA1KIH52 73!JA 2357Z
DX de HI5MAH14082.0 9A2CDFT4 0 FK48KF<>JN759A 2356Z
DX de N2CG-714080.0 BA4TBFT4 PM01 FN20 NJ -08BY 2356ZNJ
DX de W7BOB21074.8 JA1KXQ JA 2356Z??
DX de HQ2DDL7135.0 HQ2YOTAYouth on the Air HondurasHR 2355Z
DX de N8IK10136.8 IU4DAF I 2354ZVA
DX de W3LPL-321035.0 YB1JCDHeard in ORYB 2354Z??
DX de W5AJ18095.0 P40PFT8 FH FOXP4 2354Z??
DX de AD4ES21278.0 YJ0CAUSBYJ 2354ZFL
DX de N2CG-714080.0 9A2CDFT4 JN75 FN20 NJ -159A 2354ZNJ
DX de N3AM3527.0 KA9ZAP K 2353ZMD
DX de EA2AFV3530.0 TO9Wbstd tuningFS 2352Z
DX de TA4RC14074.0 RI1ANUFT8 -6 dB 2700 Hz PSE ASCE9 2352Z
DX de JA7OVC-814074.0 RI1ANUFT8-HeardCE9 2352Z
DX de EA2AFV3530.0 T09Whdp tunuing?? 2351Z
DX de WF5K14074.7 VE3PAB VE 2351Z??
DX de HI5MAH14082.0 W4EBBFT4 0 FK48KF<>EL88K 2351Z
DX de EE44C10137.4 WJ0TIM98<>FM18 FT8K 2351Z
DX de EA2AFV3530.0 TO9WtuningFS 2350Z
DX de WF5K14074.7 XF1S XE 2350Z??
DX de WI4T21278.0 YJ0CA YJ 2350Z??


WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=148,A=19,K=3,Minor w/G1 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=144,A=4,K=4,Minor w/G1 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=144,A=4,K=5,Minor w/G1 -> Moderate w/G2


To ALL de EA3CV-2<1029Z> EA3CV-2 7300 with Quality Filters for RBN.
To ALL de EA3CV-2<1929Z> EA3CV-2 7300.
To ALL de RU1SKI<0622Z> russia :700 died a day in the war .......very cowards and stupid people

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