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DX de EA3CYM7067.0 EA3IJQdme-44252EA 1340Z
DX de KC3M14036.5 N4KSCWK 1340ZPA
DX de SV1ACL21074.0 EC3AFT8 -14dB from JN00 1731HzEA 1340Z
DX de EA3EDU21075.9 TA2VBJN01WK<>KN50 FT8 Sent: -06 RTA 1340Z
DX de OH1EDK21074.0 ZA/SV1ENGFT8ZA 1340Z
DX de SP8DJY14194.0 SP8BJU/PSPFF-1256 POTA SP-0369SP 1340Z
DX de V31XX21288.0 OE1DXU OE 1339Z
DX de SV1ACL21074.0 OZ5BDFT8 -07dB from JO55 2213HzOZ 1339Z
DX de W3LPL-318078.0 EA6BBHeard in PAEA6 1338Z??
DX de OV5O14028.0 EC1CNWTU QSO, 73EA 1338Z
DX de YB1HR28074.0 IK4DKOFT8 -14dB 1626HzI 1338Z
DX de SV1ACL21074.0 BD4UJFT8 -10dB from PM02 1587HzBY 1337Z
DX de DL3NM7164.8 I3/PZ5Z/Pwwf iff-2508I 1337Z
DX de YB1HR28074.0 PA3DZMFT8 -15dB from JO21 1710HzPA 1337Z
DX de M6VHR7140.0 M6VHRcq cq cqG 1337Z
DX de IW0GNC14240.0 IW0HOQCQ DX NA. CA. SA.I 1337Z
DX de EA5BCO24917.4 W4WWQIM98<>FM07 FT8 Sent: -22 RcvK 1337Z
DX de YB1HR28074.0 DL3HWOFT8 -23dB from JO61 1417HzDL 1336Z
DX de EA5FI18140.0 M1GRY/PPOTA G 0670G 1335Z
DX de KC3M14031.5 WK0BCWK 1334ZPA
DX de EA3EDU21075.9 UG0BJN01WK<>NO45 FT8 Sent: -09 RUA9 1334Z
DX de KC3M14032.2 K4BAICWK 1334ZPA
DX de F4UJU28440.0 CX7RMUSB JN06ij -> GF25mcCX 1333Z
DX de N5FZ14031.0 NM5GCWK 1332ZTX
DX de AF7WH24916.7 6W/IV3FSG 6W 1332ZID


WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=174,A=21,K=3,Moderate w/G2 R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de VA6AAA<0900Z> SFI=174,A=21,K=3,Moderate w/G2 R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=174,A=21,K=5,Moderate w/G2 R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1


To ALL de IZ5IOQ<1751Z> POTA I-0287 JN53JT
To ALL de OH5O<1607Z> Log will be update twice a day. Don't panic if you can't find your qso's. If you not sure keep calling. We don't care about dupes.
To ALL de I2YBC<1254Z> ft8. given the ignorance of those who do it... it will never have the success of ssb/* cw and rtty contests

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