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DX de YO2OXD14180.0 VK2GJCCCC VK2*VK 0854Z
DX de UA1ZQN28074.0 UR3IAE/6TNX FOR QSO 73!UR 0854Z
DX de IV3FVM14080.0 FW1JGFT4 -16 dB 1217 HzFW 0853Z
DX de 9A9BB-521015.0 UN7TXCQ CQ CQ CWUN 0852Z
DX de IK3ORE14074.0 EA3HMMCDM EA* FT8EA 0852Z
DX de CT2IXX14310.0 OH1MM/PCorrect callsign sorry OHFF-08OH 0852Z
DX de M6KCI14210.0 PY6RT5-9+20 {into-uk} good dxPY 0852Z
DX de 4X6TT24945.0 ES5TTTTesting 12mES 0852Z
DX de JH1RFM7074.0 P41E P4 0852Z
DX de HA7AJ10102.9 V31XXTNX 73!V3 0851Z
DX de CT2IXX14310.0 OM1MM/P55 kiitos, 44OM 0851Z
DX de EA5D21142.0 JN1EJHFT4 -13 JN00BB<>PM96JA 0851Z
DX de G4XNR-1414223.0 PY6HD5-9 JosePY 0851Z
DX de IV3OSC10103.0 V31XXcw 73V3 0851Z
DX de F4CXO28022.0 VK6IRJN26PPOF77XX 559VK 0851Z
DX de EA1BKO5355.0 EA2URIDME-19162EA 0851Z
DX de DL4MFF28180.0 RM0Wtnx ft4UA9 0851Z
DX de RD1AH28482.0 UA9JNT UA9 0851Z
DX de EA5D21142.0 JF2HBMFT4 -06 JN00BB<>PM85JA 0850Z
DX de IK3ORE14074.0 VK2AUACCC VK2* FT8VK 0850Z
DX de UA1ZQN28074.0 RN7ATNX FOR QSO 73!UA 0850Z
DX de UA1ZQN28074.0 LZ3DCTNX FOR QSO 73!LZ 0849Z
DX de EA5D21142.0 JL1GYYFT4 -13 JN00BB<>PM96KOJA 0849Z
DX de DL5LB7165.0 9A/OM8ATECQ9A 0849Z
DX de R2CA10103.0 V31XXUPV3 0849Z


WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=137,A=9,K=0,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0300Z> SFI=137,A=9,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<0000Z> SFI=137,A=9,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de I2TAO<0758Z> come mai tanti om disdicono abbonamento mdxc ??
To ALL de F5MZN-3<2359Z> HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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