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DX de SP/VE3XIN14255.5 K1CCSP DX ContestK 2040Z
DX de CE2OFF28485.0 CT3MD73CT3 2040Z
DX de F4BJN14080.9 A92EEFT4 -09 JN25-LL56 Thx 73A9 2039Z
DX de SQ3M7145.6 3Z1KSPDX Contest 2023SP 2039Z
DX de YO4FHU1822.4 SP8PAICWSP 2039Z
DX de FH4KS18132.0 FH4VVK FH 2039Z
DX de K6SEA14247.1 K0MSLC MOK 2039ZOR
DX de PS8CW28460.0 9X5RUtnx 59 up 59X 2039Z
DX de F5PYJ21005.0 VK9DX599 LP 73 CLAUDEVK9N 2039Z
DX de W8XK28027.1 W1AW/7WA VOTAK 2039Z??
DX de KC8VPQ28515.0 PJ5/W5JONstrongPJ5 2039ZOH
DX de GJ6TMM7150.0 SP3W SP 2039Z
DX de N4KZ24950.0 V26EI V2 2039ZKY
DX de 9A7YY1833.7 YL3FTSP CtestYL 2039Z
DX de PY2OKB21018.3 SP2GUBCWSP 2039Z
DX de EA1YV21074.3 9X5RUIN52<>KI47 FT89X 2039Z
DX de W3CWT14293.7 NA5DX K 2039Z??
DX de NN4RB14107.2 EE1DRTTYEA 2039ZVA
DX de PY5PMR21005.0 VK9DXTks qso! 73sVK9N 2039Z
DX de W3CWT14313.0 WM5HS K 2039Z??
DX de N2LDV18135.0 CO8LY CM 2038ZNY
DX de W3LPL-328017.4 OX3XRHeard in WIOX 2038Z??
DX de PU3YST28485.0 CT3MDGracias,59,73CT3 2038Z
DX de KC8VPQ28515.0 PJ5/W5JON PJ5 2038ZOH
DX de LU1EEP28180.0 WP4YR KP4 2038Z


WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=129,A=21,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<1500Z> SFI=129,A=21,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=129,A=21,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de F8ATS<1634Z> nobody listen ! why is impossible to stop call when he drop a call/rst?????
To ALL de HV7P<0853Z> not use hv7p ra6bx pse thanks
To ALL de OH5O<0648Z>

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